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Spanish driver's licence translation

¡Hola! If you have arrived at this web page, you are probably looking to translate your Spanish driver’s licence into English. Thankfully you have arrived at the correct site – our professional Spanish translators can provide you with a NAATI certified Spanish to English translation of your driver’s licence so that you can rent a car or drive around Australia legally. Our Spanish driver’s licence translation service is completely online – you don’t need to bring your licence into our office. We send you the NAATI certified English translation via email. If you need a hard copy, just let us know.

You can use the Spanish to English driver’s licence translation that we provide to:

  • Rent a car in Australia
  • Drive on a temporary/working holiday visa all across Australia
  • Convert your Spanish licence into an Australian licence*

*Except in NSW, you cannot apply for an NSW driver’s licence using our English translation.

Delivery timeframes for our Spanish to English licence translation service

In a hurry? Need your translation quickly? No worries. We have three different options to choose:

  • Urgent – Digital copy – 24 hours (usually same day)
  • Express – Digital copy – 2 business days,
  • Regular – Digital copy – 3 business days

What do I need to do?

Simply visit this website link and follow the 3 easy steps to upload your Spanish licence and choose your option. The digital copy will be sent to you within your requested time-frame. And upon your request, we’ll also send you a certified hard copy by Australian post (additional postage and handling fee applies).

Some of our happy little amigos!

My friend Leo told me about your service. He used it to translate his Spanish driver’s licence when he was in Australia. I was suprised how easy your site was to use and the English translation was perfect – thank you!

Pablo, Spain

Just left Hertz in Sydney and used the English driver’s licence translation you provided to rent our Toyota Corolla. Now we are heading down to Melbourne on our trip along the coast – thanks for your fast translation service.

Elvira, Chile

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Frequently Asked Questions / Preguntas Frecuentes


Can I use the translation to rent a car in Australia?

Yes, you can. As long as your licence has not expired, you can use our NAATI certified English translation of your driver’s licence.

What do I do if the police stop me whilst I am driving and ask to see my licence?

You simply need to show them the English translation of the driver’s licence that we provide. They may also ask to see your original Spanish licence as well so make sure you have this with you as well.

Do you translate Spanish licences from all Spanish-speaking countries?

¡Sí! Whether you are from Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Paraguay, or any other country that issues driver’s licences in Spanish – we can translate this for you into English!

If your Spanish to English driver’s licence translation service NAATI certified?

Of course. It is 100% acceptable to use in Australia.

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