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Arabic driver's licence translation

Welcome to Australia! If you have arrived on this web page, there is a very good chance that you are looking for information about how you can get your Arabic driver’s licence translated into English. Does this sound right?

If you are looking for a NAATI certified Arabic to English translation of your driver’s licence, look no further! Our NAATI accredited Arabic translator’s have been translating Arabic licence’s into English for many years and are well aware of  all the requirements for licence translations in Australia. Our Arabic to English licence translation service starts from a low fee from AUD $69 per licence.

What are some of the reasons people want to translate their Arabic licence into English?

  • Rent a car on a holiday in Australia
  • Drive in Australia on a temporary visa, such as a working holiday visa or tourist visa
  • Convert their Arabic licence into an Australian issued licence

How do I order my Arabic to English driver’s licence translation?

In an Australian first, you are able to translate your Arabic licence into English completely online by visiting this link – click here.

Arabic driver’s licence translation – how long does it take?

How quickly do you need the English translation of your licence? We have services ranging from same-day by email right through to 3 days by email.

  • Urgent Arabic translation – 24 hours (usually same day) by email
  • Express Arabic translation – 2 business days by email
  • Regular Arabic translation – 3 business days by email

You will receive a NAATI certified Arabic to English translation of your Arabic licence in the mail.

In case you need a hard copy, just let us know. Upon your request, we can also send you a certified hard copy by Australian post (additional postage and handling fee applies).

Testimonials – Delighted Arabic to English licence translation clients…

When I came from Egypt to visit family living in Australia, I thought it would be difficult to drive in Austalia. Your Arabic translator translated by licence perfectly and I received it very quickly. I will mention your great service to all my friends back home.

Hassan, Egypt

Moving from Lebanon to Australia was a big change in my life. It was great that your team were able to translate my Lebanese licence into English so quickly. I was able to convert my Arabic licence into an Australian licence and now I can drive legally here.

Sam, Lebanon

Urgent Arabic translations

Arabic - NAATI Certified translation

Low prices just for you!

Pricing - NAATI certified Arabic to English driver's licence translation

Our pricing depends on whether you would like our  Urgent, Express or Regular service. Our Regular Arabic to English driver’s lience translation service pricing starts from just AUD $69.

For detailed pricing, please visit this page – all your options and pricing information will be displayed on Step 3.

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